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How it Works

CopyDesk is a powerful content creation and aggregation system. It is aimed at content creators including bloggers, marketers, and hobbyists. By automatically creating curated and edited blog posts for your personal or professional news site, you can offer your audience more information, faster.

CopyDesk uses large language models to create fresh, readable content for your website. We are constantly updating and modifying the algorithm to optimize the app for wider use cases.

Here’s how to use the app.

  1. Create an account.
  2. In the “Feeds” section enter the the URL for RSS feeds of the sites you would like to see. CopyDesk will automatically start generating a list of posts. RSS feeds are XML files generated by popular websites. For most sites, you can either do a Google search for “[site name] RSS feed]” or type “[siteurl]/feed.” When you find the right feed, clicking on it in Safari or another browser should bring up a message like this one.

3. Add your feeds to the system. You can also click the buttons to add some default feeds.

4. In the “Targets” section enter the WordPress site and login info for the site you want to publish to. You will need to connect to the site via XML-RPC. To see if your blog supports XML-RPC, visit [siteurl]/xmlrpc.php. You should see the following screen.

If you don’t see this screen, contact your server admin or contact us for a workaround.

Enter your username and password. This allows CopyDesk to automatically send posts to your WordPress site.

5. Your News Feed is populated instantly. Articles you can aggregated will be listed on the “News Feed” section on the dashboard. Hit the + symbol and they will appear above in the Story Queue section on the dashboard. When you aggregate a post in the News Feed, the system will begin processing the post immediately. It should take about a minute.

6. Once the system processes the story it will turn green. In the “Story Queue” section hit the Pencil icon. This will bring up the edit screen. You can edit there or in the WordPress site. To send it to WordPress, select your site and click submit. A draft of the post will automatically appear on your WordPress site.

That’s it. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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